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The Community Gardens Network (CGN) is committed to advocating for, developing, and sustaining community gardens on public and private lands in Guelph-Wellington.

The Community Gardens Network also:

  • Supports capacity development of community gardeners, partners and the public at large through training, education and workshops.
  • Engages children, youth and school boards in growing community gardens and food security education.

City of Guelph Community Gardens Program

The Community Gardens Program is a new program that is now being implemented after a successful two year pilot project.  Several volunteers at each test garden worked hard through flooding, droughts, dozens of meetings and hundreds of conversations and, many organizations made community garden dreams a reality by offering money, materials, seeds, plants, time and knowledge.  The Community Garden pilots became a source of pride, exercise, friendship and of course fresh food. We look forward to neighbourhoods throughout the city reaping the benefits of community gardening.  To learn more click here

Want to start a community garden?  Deadline for applications is October 31st!  To apply click here

Find a Community Garden

Gardens on City Property

Downtown Neighbourhood Association Garden: Located in John Galt Park behind the River Run Centre and adjacent to the Heffernan Bridge. Contact the Downtown Neighbourhood Association at [email protected].

Grange Hill Community Garden: Located at Peter Misersky Park, Auden Road. Call the Grange Hill East Neighbourhood Group, 519-836-9427 or email [email protected].

Onward Willow Community Garden: Located beside Shelldale Centre, 20 Shelldale Crescent. The garden is part of the Onward Willow Better Beginnings Project. Call 519-824-84982 or email [email protected].

Gardens on School Board Property

Brant Avenue Community Garden: Located at Brant Avenue Public School, 64 Brant Avenue. This garden is a collaboration between the Brant Avenue Neighbourhood Group, Brant Avenue Public School and the Upper Grand District School Board. Call the Brant Avenue Neighbourhood Group, 519-821-9243 or email [email protected].

GCVI Garden: Located at GCVI, 155 Paisley St Guelph. This garden is open to anyone at no cost. Email Laura Campbell at [email protected]. The garden is supported by the local community, Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute and the Upper Grand District School Board.

John McCrae Community Garden: John McCrae Community Garden: Located on the north side of the school, on the slope towards the Speed River. It is a collaboration of community families, John McRae Public School and the Upper Grand District School Board. Contact Jacqueline Keenan at [email protected].

Parkwood Community Garden: Located on Stephanie Drive, this garden is a collaboration between Parkwood Gardens Neighbourhood Group and the Upper Grand District School Board. Call Parkwood Gardens Neighbourhood Group, 519-824-6340 or e-mail

Waverley Community Garden: Waverley Community Garden: No garden plots are available, but people can sign up to help in the garden or with related activities. The food goes to people in need, and those who have helped with the garden. Call the Waverley Neighbourhood Group at 519-821-9677, or e-mail [email protected] The garden is a supported by the Waverley Neighbourhood Group, Waverley Drive Public School and the Upper Grand District School Board.

Other Community Gardens

Harcourt Community Garden: Located at Harcourt United Church, 87 Dean Avenue. No garden plots available, but folks can volunteer for garden tending and harvesting. No church affiliation required. All produce goes to Chalmers Community Services Centre food pantry for those in need. Please email Jill Gill at [email protected].

Ignatius Farm Community Garden Plots: Affordable garden plots available just north of Guelph, 5420 Highway 6 North. Call 519-824-1250 x 265, or email [email protected]

Priory Park Community Vegetable Garden: Open to anyone. Located beside Priory Park Baptist Church on their property at 8 Torch Lane. No church affiliation required. Minimal fee of $10.00 for plot rental . Funds go back into the garden for supplies and maintenance. Plots are roto-tilled in the spring, and garden tools and water are provided. A section of the garden is dedicated to supplying the Salvation Army Food Pantry – volunteer helpers welcomed. Call Diane, 519-836-7950 or email [email protected].

Three Willows Community Garden: At Three Willows United Church, 577 Willow Road. Plots are available in spring on a first-come, first-served basis. There’s a nominal fee. No church affiliation required. Call Three Willows, 519-822-7690 or email [email protected].

Two Rivers Community Garden: Located at Huron and Oliver in St. Patrick’s Ward. Plots are on a first-come-first-serve basis but preference will be given to those in the neighbourhood. There is a $15 fee for gardeners and members are expected to participate in general maintenance of the larger site. Call the Two Rivers Neighbourhood group, 519-837-4248, or email [email protected].

More to come…

Meetings and Contact Information

You’re welcome to come to our next meeting. Please contact us or watch the events listing for dates. Interested in more information on community gardens in Guelph-Wellington? Please contact the Community Gardens group via the form below:

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